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TruhenOrgel Extendend


The TruhenOrgel has been manufactured in 2009 by the Kaufmann organ company (Bolzano, Italy) upon commission and design of M° Maurizio Mancino, who owned the instrument until 2015. The organ is currently situated in the Duomo of Crema, Italy, and it is owned by M° Alberto Dossena.

Truhenorgel extended, main console

TruhenOrgel Extendend


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Audio / Video Samples

Organ and Sampleset info

The present Organ has been created from the TruhenOrgel Kaufmann sample set.
Original stops have been manipulated in order to create new stop samples, not just deriving them by simple transposition. Harmonics have been balanced in order to achieve the most appropriate character for each stop.
Only the Fagotto 8’ is derived from the same stop of 16’ of the pedal just adding 12 notes, while the Regale 4’ is derived from the Regale 8’ of the Swell organ with an octave-coupler.
New samples have been exclusively generated from original samples, no samples of other organs have been used.
The overall original sound character has been kept.
The purpose of this package is primarily to demonstrate what can be achieved from a small organ.
The stop layout has no specific aesthetic inspiration or reference, just exploiting as much as possible the source samples and organising them in the most common and useful disposition.
The set has been equipped with swell box, crescendo pedal, combination pistons for generals, tremolo on swell, pedal recalls for fixed combinations.
The organ has two interfaces, the first with all the “frills” and lever-drawstop commands, the second, simplified, with stops actioned by moving tabs with leds.
The Set includes a reverb mixer in both interfaces. The reverb has been digitally generated with reference to a medium sized church with a maximum of 4 serconds reverberation.
If you wish to play the Organ in dry mode, just unload all the REV stops in HauptWerk sample set loading screen.
Please note if you have the possibility to play this Organ in 4 channels audio systems, you can address the direct (dry) sound on the main loudspeakers (front) and the reverb on secondary loudspeakers (rear) for best environment results.
Effects sound volume for keyboards, stops, pistons and blower is also included.
Please note continuous controls for Reverb and Effect volume do store their values when the Organ is shut down.
When the Organ is reloaded the values are set back to previous saved position.
Crescendo pedal and Swell do not store values as they reset at each load. Crescendo pedal is loaded at zero stage.

Semi-dry capture – 96 KHz @ 24 bit – year 2012 in “Santi Alessandro e Margherita” Church in Melzo, Milan, Italy.
Sample rate: 48 KHz @ 24 bit stereo.
Base pitch: 440 Hz, all sample pipes tuned to perfect pitch.
Temperament: Equal.
Wind model: enabled.
RAM requirements:
7,4 GB @ 24 bit uncompressed
4,8 GB @ 24 bit compressed
2,6 GB @ 16 bit compressed
Minimum HauptWerk version required: 4.2

STOP LIST and related original stop source

SWELL Corresponding stops of the original TruhenOrgel
1 Flauto 8′ from Flauto 4′
2 Bordone 4′ from Bordone 8′
3 Quinta 2,2/3′ from Quinta 1,1/3′
4 Ottavino 2′ from Quinta 1,1/3′
5 Terza 1,3/5′ from Principale 2′
6 Mistura III from Cimbalo + 14
7 Regale 8′ original stop
8 Coupler: Gt to Sw

9 Bordone 8′ original stop
10 Principale 4′ from Quinta 1,1/3′
11 Flauto 4′ original stop
12 Ottava 2′ from Principale 2′ (1st octave from metal pipes)
13 Quinta 1,1/3′ original stop
14 DecimaV 1′ from Principale 2′
15 Cimbalo II original stop
16 Coupler: Sw to Gt

17 Subbasso 16′ from Bordone 8′
18 Basso 8′ from Quinta 1,1/3
19 Corno 4′ from Principale 2′ first octave wooden pipes
20 ContraFagotto 16′ from Regale 8′
21 Fagotto 8′ derived from 20 + 12 treble notes
22 Regale 4′ trasmitted from 7, upper octave
23 Coupler: Gt to Pd
24 Coupler: Sw to Pd

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